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i want an ice cream sandwhich

who else but the queen!?

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Backstage @ Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2015 by Kevin Tachman


Edie Campbell @ Lanvin Spring Summer 2015


Michele Lamy outside Selfridges 13/09/14
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Would you ever sign a contract with a group like lvmh?

As in if i had my own business and they offered a majority stake? Or minority? I say no now, but if that ever comes up I would strongly have to weigh the options. I love Rick Owens’ mentality where he says he could shut down everything tomorrow because he is independent. I would prefer to be independent and grow my own empire vs. selling my soul for extra money so I can have a phenomenal runway show. But again when someone dangles a blank check in front of you and says I can make your dreams come true [just sell me your name] that can make most people say yes. I mean, who doesn’t want to expand their brand to a global entity? But I want to be a billionaire so I might as well grow my own empire.¬†

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i bet her bio reads god first

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evolution @ iris van herpen ss15

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